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Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Empowering children to be stronger, smarter and safer online

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Working to create a barrier-free travel environment for people with limited mobility

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A national wellbeing movement to transform how we talk about and treat mental health

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Inspiring curiosity, creativity and care for the environment

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Working to prevent and reduce gambling related harm in Ireland

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A creative resource so no child misses out on the joy of music

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Giving all people with disability the support to reach their potential

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Think Big. Act Now. Change Ireland.

At Social Entrepreneurs Ireland we support people who have big, new solutions to Ireland’s social and environmental problems. We provide funding and a range of in-depth supports.

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Featured Impact Winner

Irene Lowry

Offering immediate, affordable supports for maternal mental health

Irene Lowry

Blog 21/10/16

The 2016 SEI Awards- Reigniting the Spark

The 2016 SEI Awards- Reigniting the Spark

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