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The Impact Series

Posted by on March 20, 2013

The Impact Series

At Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, we are all about scaling great new solutions for social problems in Ireland. Each year, through our application process we put out a call to “Think Big. Act Now. Change Ireland.” and we hear about all the great work that is being done throughout the country to tackle Ireland’s most entrenched social and environmental problems. Through our Awards Programme we make transformative investments in high potential social entrepreneurs and we provide the support it takes to ensure that these entrepreneurs increase their social impact.

Stepping Back

While doing all of this, we realise that sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look at how social entrepreneurship and the work that social entrepreneurs do fits into the broader social and economic context.

The Impact Series will do just that… and more.

Engaging and Inspiring

Recognising the potential of social entrepreneurship to create both social and economic value, particularly at a time when uncertainty is prevalent in all sectors of Irish society, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation is funding the development of The Impact Series. The events will engage a wide range of leaders from the business, public and non-profit sector as well as some of Ireland’s leading social entrepreneurs. The Impact Series is designed to inspire innovative ideas, to bring social entrepreneurship to a wider audience and to spark discussion and debate around key social issues and the role that social entrepreneurship can have in addressing these issues.


We realise that there are lots of people out there with early stage ideas to change Ireland and we know it can be difficult to get these ideas off the ground, so each night at the Impact Series events, The Minnovation Fund will be up for grabs. The Minnovation Fund (which will comprise all ticket proceeds) will be presented as a seed fund to the social entrepreneur who pitches the best early stage, high impact idea on the night.

The Impact Series… Inspiring Ideas to Change Ireland

We truly believe that social entrepreneurship can change Ireland and every year we are inspired by the fantastic work that is being done all over the country to address our greatest social and environmental problems. So, by taking a step back and looking at the broader eco-system in which social entrepreneurship exists, by engaging leaders from all sectors of society and by giving startup social entrepreneurs a chance to get their ideas off the ground, The Impact Series will provide a new platform from which real and lasting social change can grow.

Niamh McKenna

The first Impact Series event on Innovation in Education takes place on Monday April 8th, for more information and to register click here http://theimpactseries.eventbrite.ie.

Application Trends

Posted by on March 12, 2013

Application Trends

As our 2013 applicants wait patiently to hear if they have made it into our Top 40 for Social Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, I’ve had the opportunity to analyse some interesting trends from this year’s application process. While a full analysis is still some time away, have a look at what has jumped out at us so far:


Cities aren’t all bad: The percentage of Dublin applications has risen slightly from 43% in 2012 to 45% in 2013. More interestingly however the other Irish cities have seen a much larger jump. In 2012 Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford accounted for 17% of all applications, but in 2013 that figure had risen to 25%.


Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow: Despite having a 4 week window for submitting applications, the vast majority of them were submitted in the last 48 hours. 80% of all applications were submitted in the last two days, with 75% of those coming in during the last 24 hours. If you’re struggling to understand what that looks like…

Graph Image


Oh, so they have the internet on computers now: Many of you may not be aware that the internet has become extremely popular in recent times, so much so in fact that 25% of applicants to our Awards Programme this year heard about us online. For those of you still sceptical about this new-fangled internet business you’ll be glad to hear that 18% of our applicants heard about Social Entrepreneurs Ireland the old fashioned way, word of mouth!


Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional: 25% of this year’s applicants were between the ages of 18 and 34, with a staggering 56% between the ages of 35 and 50. However youth isn’t everything with four applicants over the age of 65.


Battle of the sexes: Female applicants made up 41% of those applying to this year’s Awards Programme, with male applicants conveniently accounting for 59% of applicants. Additionally 100% of applicants were human.


Don’t worry about failure, you only have to be right once: Not surprisingly start-ups continue to provide Social Entrepreneurs Ireland with the vast majority of applications. 59% of all applicants to the 2013 Awards Programme established their organisations in the last two years.  The oldest organisation applying to this year’s Awards was founded in 1967!


Hopefully over the coming months we will have the opportunity to expand on some of these findings further, but for now there is too much work to be done in finding the 8 social entrepreneurs we will be supporting in 2013!

Eamonn Fitzgerald

Awards Programme Coordinator



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