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Passing the baton

Posted by on June 26, 2014

Passing the baton

Our CEO Sean Coughlan has decided after 10 years that it is time for a fresh start for both himself and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. Sean will be leaving us in August to take up the exciting new position as CEO of Boards.ie. While we are all very sad at Sean’s departure, we are excited for what the future holds with Darren Ryan as the newly appointed CEO of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. Here Sean explains in his own words his new venture and optimism for the future.

I just wanted to let you know that after 10 incredible, inspiring and exciting years of setting up and running Social Entrepreneurs Ireland I am planning to leave this summer and pass on the baton to a new leadership team who will guide SEI through its next phase of development.

The last 10 years have been an amazing journey and I am immensely proud of what we have built in SEI. Through working with our amazing social entrepreneur awardees, we have helped change the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of people. And we have played a key part in the development of a social entrepreneurship movement that is now a vibrant and growing force for good in communities throughout our island. To have achieved this level of success and impact is the work of many rather than the few, and I would like to thank each and every one of our supporters, friends, partners, staff, board and (constructive!) critics who have been such a crucial part in our growth and success. There are too many to mention in an email such as this, but you know who you are, so a deep and heartfelt thank you for everything you’ve done during my tenure with SEI.

There is one group in particular that I would like to specifically mention – our amazing awardees. Our job in SEI is to support and help them on their journey. At times we have got it right and other times we have got it wrong, but on balance I believe that we have had a hugely positive impact. That said, we know our work pales in comparison to the work that the social entrepreneurs do. They show a commitment, courage, passion and steely determination that is breath taking. Every one of them is a hero.

So what next? Well the first thing is that SEI will be left in very good hands. I am leaving at a time when we have an exceptional team in place who are dedicated, passionate and committed to helping the best social entrepreneurs to succeed. And I am delighted to announce that Darren Ryan has been appointed my successor as CEO of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. Darren is one of the most impressive talents I have come across throughout my career, he is SEI through and through and I know that the organisation will go onto even bigger and better things with Darren at the helm.

And as for me, I am very excited to be taking up the role of CEO of boards.ie (www.boards.ie). boards.ie is Ireland largest community website. With over 70,000 daily active users, boards.ie allows people to discuss topics that are interesting and important to them and in doing so can, at times, help shape the national conversation. It is a great business with lots of potential and I am really looking forward to the new challenge.

So, as with all things, there comes a time when it is time to move on, time to hand over. I really feel that for me and for SEI this is the time. The future is bright and as I pass over to Darren I do so with a sense of pride, optimism and excitement for the future of SEI.

Thanks again for everything!




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