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Our Story

Changing Ireland by significantly increasing the impact of Ireland’s leading social entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

In order to solve some of Ireland’s social and environmental problems, we need innovative thinking and new solutions. We need to challenge the status quo and try new things. We need to focus on effectiveness and on impact.

We are lucky to have people all over Ireland who are developing new solutions to our societal problems. Without support, however, these ideas can struggle to make enough of an impact. We know we can’t afford to wait for these solutions to grow and scale, as the problems we face are immediate and urgent.

The Idea

When a social entrepreneur comes up with a great new solution to social problems, we believe that they should get the funding and support that they need to scale and grow, so that they can impact as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

At Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, we find the social entrepreneurs who have the most potential to have an impact, work with them intensively to develop their projects and ensure that their ideas are implemented as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our Awards Programme provides up to €140,000 worth of support per social entrepreneur over the course of up to two years.

The Impact

Over the last 10 years we have supported 179 social entrepreneurs, investing €5.82 million in their projects, and providing significant additional supports. These in turn have directly impacted over 290,000 people across Ireland and created over 970 employment opportunities in the process.

We’ve seen ideas grow from ideas in a bedroom to national movements, people’s passion turned into impact and Ireland fundamentally changed in many ways.

Our investments since 2004

Number of social entrepreneurs supported

Money invested in their projects since 2004
€5.82 million

Impact Figures

Number of people directly impacted in the last 12 months

Average number of people impacted by each social entrepreneur

Nature of Impact

% Provided a new service or facility | 60
% Created Awareness of an issue | 10
% Provided a model that others can replicate | 30

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Lower Ground Floor, 11/12 Warrington Place, Dublin 2
Phone: +353 1 685 3191, Email: info@socialentrepreneurs.ie

Company No: 433846, Registered Charity No: CHY 17524, © SEI 2012

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