Education DESTY is an evidence-based emotional wellbeing programme, where educators are trained to help children with additional emotional needs. Together they visit DESTY Island – a colourful, online, interactive world – where children learn about emotions. For children experiencing mental health problems or going through significant life events, it helps them to process and express their feelings, building resilience and promoting positive mental health.

“We all need at least one person that understands and believes in us”

Stephanie O’Malley

Founder of Education DESTY

About Education DESTY

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Why we backed Education DESTY

We were compelled by the issue Education DESTY are addressing. 1 in 10 Irish children are experiencing mental health problems including depression, anxiety and self-harm, with 1 in 25 being severely affected. Reduced mental health budgets, together with an increase in more complex issues being presented and at earlier stages of childhood development, have created a real need for a service like DESTY in Ireland.

We saw a scalable and unique solution in Education DESTY, designed by a highly experienced educational psychologist with the expertise, track record and passion to take it forward. We felt with the strategic advice and access to a network of social entrepreneurs and business experts, we could work with Stephanie to help grow and scale the impact of the organisation.

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