More than half of people with intellectual disabilities will never have meaningful employment In their life in Ireland

The Green Kitchen Café & Garden Centre gives people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to fulfil their employment and career aspirations. The project supports people to realise their potential by providing targeted supports, training and work experience in hospitality and horticulture, ultimately leading to meaningful employment.

"I really feel like part of the team in both workplaces. I’ve become friends with people I work with, and having friends is a good thing."


About The Green Kitchen Cafe

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Why we backed The Green Kitchen Café & Garden Centre

Since its beginnings in 2014, the Green Kitchen has grown considerably into a successful café and garden centre. Having begun the scaling journey with the opening of two additional cafés in Dublin, we felt that funding and direct support would help them to continue to realise their ambitions and strengthen the structures around the growing social enterprise.

The Green Kitchen is fulfilling a much-needed role in Ireland. With a focussed and skilled leader in Duncan at the helm, we felt that there was potential for this model to have a real and lasting impact in providing opportunity to people with disabilities to find lasting and meaningful employment. We knew that there was incredibly strong potential to affect significant societal and attitudinal change through the organisation, both for people with disabilities engaged in training and customers of the business.

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