The Grow Dome Project turns wastelands into a community resource by creating a garden with a geodesic dome that supports hydroponics – the growing of plants without soil. An educational and social space, the Grow Dome regenerates areas by creating employment, training opportunities and a beautiful social space for entire communities.

"I dream about this place. It makes me feel that I’m wanted and I’m happy"

Grow Dome gardener

About The Grow Dome Project

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Why we backed The Grow Dome Project

The Grow Dome Project is a highly innovative and unique project with the potential to transform communities on a number of levels. It captured our imagination immediately, and its wide-ranging and organic impact on the Rialto community in which the first Grow Dome was built was striking. Niall’s achievements to date, determination and passion for the potential of this way of growing, eating, and living was inspiring.

As the project was entering into its next stage of development with the building of the second Grow Dome in DCU, we felt that SEI support at this early stage of the project’s life would support them in delivering the next phase of the project in a focussed, strategic manner.

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