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Diageo Ireland has partnered with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland on the creation and development of the Arthur Guinness Fund.

For the last three years the Arthur Guinness Fund has been committed to supporting entrepreneurs who are in the business of changing communities for the better. In that time the fund has acted as a springboard to enable 30 social entrepreneurs to take their initiatives to the next level, and make their vision a reality.

The Arthur Guinness Fund was established in 2009 to continue the philanthropic legacy of Arthur Guinness. Over the first two years nearly €2 million was invested and this year a further €750,000 was committed to 10 more inspiring social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland is delighted to have played a key part in developing the Arthur Guinness Fund given the impact it has had in supporting the social entrepreneurship sector in Ireland.


The Arthur Guinness Fund entrepreneurs are flourishing and their work is bearing fruit not just in Ireland but abroad. it has been a wonderful, challenging and fulfilling journey for Diageo and our staff.

David Smith – Country Director, Diageo Ireland

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