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During 2015, a new partnership was formed between Ericsson Ireland and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, to provide pro bono technology expertise to enable our work with Ireland’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Ericsson is the driving force behind the Networked Society – a world leader in communications technology and services. Their long-term relationships with every major telecom operator in the world allow people, business and society to fulfil their potential and create a more sustainable future. Their services, software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud – are enabling the telecom industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve the user experience and capture new opportunities.

They have blazed the trail in all generations of mobile networks and we are now delighted that they will be supporting the social entrepreneur trailblazers, who are working to solve some of our Ireland’s biggest social problems today.

This exciting partnership represents a key part of Ericsson’s vision for a Networked Society, where connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socialising. This connectivity is creating freedom, empowerment and opportunities that are transforming our world.

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