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Albert Byrne

The Lynx Project / Level 2

Awardee 2005

The Lynx Project / Level 2
Caroline Kelly
Heather Rosen

Albert has been a key driver of the Lynx project which aims to establish a facility where people can experience the first 24 hour call help line for addictions such as Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling.

The Lynx project also plans to give support to people living with addiction problems and to provide a referral service to other support agencies.

Having experienced the effect addiction can have on people’s daily lives while living in Dublin, Albert was a founding member of the Lighthouse in Drogheda, where people suffering from addiction are given full time support to help tackle their problem.

Through working with both the Lighthouse and the Rutland Centre in Dublin, Albert became acutely aware of the lack of support and guidance for people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, particularly in the North East. It was these experiences that prompted Albert to develop the Lynx project.

Albert Byrne, Elevator Award, 2005

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