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Albert Perris

Reminiscence Ireland / Level 1

Awardee 2009

Reminiscence Ireland / Level 1
Jonathan Gunning & Miquel Barcelo
Margaret Keane

Memories form a vital part of all our lives. Reminiscence work makes connections between a person’s past, present and future using the process of recalling and sharing one’s memories.

It is particularly meaningful for older people in care settings suffering from dementia, disorientation or isolation and helps confirm a sense of unique identity and encourage feelings of self-worth.

Reminiscence Ireland was established to promote the use of reminiscence work as a social intervention for older people. Reminiscence activities contribute to a broad range of defined social benefits for older people, from social inclusion and participation, cultural identity and community building, heritage and education to personal development and mental health.

Reminiscence Ireland aims to raise awareness, promote best practice through training and engage in facilitation of reminiscence work at a local and national level. It is committed to the establishment of a National Reminiscence Centre, a place where all sections of our community can gather and play a part in structured intergenerational, intercultural and therapeutic reminiscence activities.

Albert Perris, founder of Reminiscence Ireland, has facilitated reminiscence programmes in Ireland since 1998 and has managed residential and social care services since 1993.

Because memories are as important as imagination!

Albert Perris

Albert Perris, Impact Award, 2009

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