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Alison Darcy

UPR Online / Level 1

Awardee 2007

UPR Online  / Level 1
Bernard Sweeney
Monika Sapielak

UPR Online uses the internet to help organisations providing support, counseling and information to provide interactive learning and therapeutic tools for their clients.

Its founder, Alison Darcy, a research psychologist believes that more internet-based activities would help these organisations to deliver their message to much wider audiences.

Organisations could also connect to those who would never ordinarily use traditional services such as one-to-one counselling or support groups. These organisations could benefit enormously from being able to provide their target audience with immediate, secure, and evidence-based help.

I want to make it easier for people to access help when they need it…by giving people an easier alternative to attending traditional face-to-face services, we can provide people with a positive first experience, and make it easier for them to avail of traditional services if necessary.

Alison Darcy

Alison Darcy, Impact Award, 2007

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