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Anne Bedos

Rothar / Level 1

Awardee 2009

Rothar / Level 1
Benedicta Attoh
Catherine Buckley

Scarce resources, environmental waste and social inequalities are key challenges in today’s society. Rothar is a bicycle-recycling project with a dual mission: to provide development opportunities to at-risk populations in Dublin City and to promote environmental stewardship.

The Challenge

In Dublin there is a culture of throwawayism. Many bikes are left to rot or thrown away, even though they have great potential to be recycled entirely or used for parts. Another problem is inequality of opportunity and employment. Training people who, for one reason or another, are away from the job market can make a real difference by providing them opportunities and giving them a sense of ownership and respect towards their community, leading to a more peaceful and fair society.


The Idea

Anne Bedos set up Rothar to offer affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation options for commuters, recreational bikers and messengers. 

Rothar operates a community based bicycle shop that sells refurbished bicycles, accessories and second hand parts and offers classes on bicycle repairs and a workshop for repairs. Anne also offers female only bike mechanics and rider training classes to address the low cycling rate by females in Dublin.

Rother uses bikes to tackle environmental, social & economic challenges in Dublin. It creates local solutions to global issues through the promotion of sustainable urban transport with cycling. The creation of employment and training opportunities for marginalised individuals is central to the enterprise.


The Impact

Since May 2008, Rothar has salvaged many bikes from the waste stream and works closely with youth groups to train at-risk youth in bicycle mechanics as well as building skills in basic business concepts. The Rothar team help young people acquire the soft skills required in today’s competitive job market.

Rothar offers repairs and sales to recycle unused bikes, bike fixing workshops, community training and maintenance classes and bike rentals.

Anne created Rothar after working in the charity and community development sector for more than 10 years. She is a political scientist specialising in social inclusion and gender equality and is an enthusiastic cyclist. Anne is a 2012 Arthur Guinness Fund Winner.


I want to provide the possibility to gain skills and develop an eco-friendly mentality that would go against the “throwawayism” that still prevails in Ireland.

Anne Bedos

Anne Bedos, Impact Award, 2009

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Lower Ground Floor, 11/12 Warrington Place, Dublin 2
Phone: +353 1 685 3191, Email: info@socialentrepreneurs.ie

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