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Anne Twohig-Wall

Ananda Programmes / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Ananda Programmes / Level 1
Robert Smith
Erik van Lennep

Ananda Programmes presents a comprehensive and innovative programme in Mindfulness Meditation to Secondary School Students.

The Challenge

Mindfulness is a technique for living in the now. It is a skill which provides an understanding of what gives rise to stress and how to handle anxiety more effectively. Anxiety can be experienced by a variety of young people and detrimentally affects them socially and academically.

The Idea

The Ananda programme came into being after Anne gave Transition Year students an introduction to mindfulness and the importance of living with a high level of self-awareness. Their feedback and appreciation was so positive that Anne decided to adapt her adult programme and tailor it for this age group with very positive results.

The Impact

Since founding Ananda Programmes in 2006, Anne became the first person in Ireland to receive Certification as an MBSR Teacher from the Centre of Mindfulness (CFM), University of Massachusetts Medical School.
Ananda Programmes provides courses, workshops and presentations in Mindfulness for groups, corporates, the public sector and care-givers in Ireland. The Centre of Mindfulness provided MBSR teacher training in 2013 are returning again in October 2014 and May 2015 to offer further training in Ireland.
Anne's goal is for Mindful awareness to be part of the education system in Ireland so that children and young adults will have the opportunity to learn a life skill that can support them from an early age throughout their entire life. She believes it has the potential to benefit students in school and university and also into their working lives.

My grand design is for our young adults to have a greater understanding of the importance and benefits of stilling the mind, of using calmness as a vehicle to access their inner strengths and wisdom.

Anne Twohig-Wall

Anne Twohig-Wall, Impact Award, 2008

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