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Aviva Cohen

Neuro Hero

Awardee 2012

Neuro Hero
Rachel Cassen and Claire Murphy
Trevor White

Neuro Hero offers technology based therapeutic activities for people with speech and language difficulties as well as providing approaches on how to engage with someone with a speech and language difficulty.

The Challenge

People with speech and language difficulties often face challenges in relation to their ability to communicate and interact socially. Professional therapy is prohibitively expensive and there is limited therapeutic support provided by the State. For friends and family, communicating effectively with the person is not intuitive – they will generally need guidance and support to develop the necessary skills and approaches.

This often leads to the family carer being the only focal point for communication, with little or no respite. In these cases, both the carer and their loved one with a disability can become isolated and consequently suffer from depression. When depression strikes someone with a deficit, it typically leads to a poor uptake of rehabilitation therapy and a loss of life skills.

The Idea

Following her husband suffering from a stroke, Aviva Cohen learned quickly the challenges associated with communication  difficulties. Based on this experience, Aviva created Neuro Hero to offer therapeutic activities for people with speech and language
difficulties as well as communications activities that provide approaches on how to engage with someone with a speech and
language difficulty.

Neuro Hero is a home based, family support package that uses a series of innovative apps for mobile devices and PCs. Neuro Hero will provide a subscription based support package which will include therapeutic activities, communication activities, training videos, carer support tools and educational materials.

The Impact

Through using these innovative support tools, Neuro Hero will not only improve cognition and communication capability for the person with a communication difficulty, but also improve social interaction between the individual and their family and friends.
With approximately 250,000 people affected by communication difficulties in Ireland and approximately 388 million people around the world, the potential for Neuro Hero to make an impact is huge.

We aim to reconnect families through rehabilitation, interaction and education.

Aviva Cohen

Aviva Cohen, Impact Award, 2012

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