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Brian McCormick


Awardee 2013

John Kearney
Mags Mullarney

Adtruism acts as a disruptive technology that allows website and blog owners to divert their site’s advertising revenue to the causes they are passionate about, ensuring that charities around the world have a brand new way to raise funds online.

The Challenge

The Irish charity sector is currently facing enormous challenges in its effort to fund and maintain services. This has meant that Irish charities need to be more creative in how they garner support and fundraise for their work. Simultaneously the rise of social media has enabled charities to raise awareness like never before, but it has also been the source of an emerging online culture – ‘slacktivism’. Slacktivism refers to a modern day trend where online users are under the impression that liking, sharing or commenting on a video or online post amounts to actually supporting a cause. While recognising that raising awareness is important, there is potential for this group to do more to support these organisations in a tangible and meaningful way.

The Idea

Fuelled by a desire to raise more than just awareness, Brian set about creating Adtruism. This disruptive technology allows anyone with a website to effortlessly support their favourite charity by placing a small advertising icon somewhere on their site; with all revenue generated going straight to the charity of their choosing. By allowing website and blog owners to raise funds for the causes they are passionate about, Adtruism provides a tangible and quantifiable way of making an impact in the information age. Adtruism guarantees that 100% of the revenue generated by their icon goes straight to the chosen charity.

The Impact

With companies paying to show their internet advertisements every time the icon appears, Adtruism has created a brand new fundraising stream for charities around the world. With the digital ad market worth a staggering $36.5 billion in 2012, the potential of diverting even a small percentage of that spend to charities is an incredible prospect. Adtruism is already raising significant funds for dozens of Irish projects, including former SEI Awardees, and has recently partnered with Google to help scale the project internationally. The funds raised through Adtruism will allow these charities to maintain or expand their services. Brian expects that website owners will soon see the Adtruism icon as a universally accepted form of internet etiquette akin to charity boxes at shop checkouts.

Brian McCormick, Elevator Award, 2013

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