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Carmel Dunne

Ceol / Elevator Programme

Awardee 2010

Ceol / Elevator Programme
John Lawlor
Paul Mooney

To provide early music education for all children, Ceol has developed its own unique methodology enabling teachers to deliver the music curriculum in schools. Ceol provides a range of teacher training DVDs, lesson plans and resource materials.

Music literacy is seriously underdeveloped in Irish children. Many teachers in Ireland require more training and support. Without Ceol many Irish children are missing out on a comprehensive musical education. This has a detrimental effect on their learning. As well as a source of joy and fulfilment, music has been proven to be a conduit to other subject areas and it creates intellectual stimulus.

Carmel is the Founder and Director of Ceol and believes passionately in the provision of early music education for all children, regardless of socio-economic background or learning ability.

Ceol has developed its own unique methodology enabling teachers to deliver the music curriculum in a way that reaches every child. Ceol is now rolling out its model to schools throughout the country and has expanded its programmes to include pre-schools. Ceol is working with over 340 educators who teach over 12,000 children across Ireland, providing teacher training DVDs, lesson plans and resource materials, an on-line forum and personal training, for primary school teachers. In addition, Ceol has an instrumental series and afterschool programmes.

Ceol aims to complete the education of every child through music.

Carmel Dunne

The Ceol Programme not only nurtures valuable music skills, it also has huge benefits both in attendance rates and academic achievement amongst the children in disadvantaged areas. International research shows the links between early music education and academic competencies.

It has been shown to work on many levels, building confidence for teachers who were nervous about teaching many parts of the music curriculum. It is expected that children in their classes will thrive not only in music, but also in languages, maths and science.

Carmel Dunne, Elevator Award, 2010

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