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Carol Doyle

BelleEtik Clothing Company / Level 1

Awardee 2007

BelleEtik Clothing Company / Level 1
Helene Hugel
Clare Mulvany

Carol has a background in the Fairtrade movement and set up BelleEtik, an online boutique selling ethically produced women’s clothing.

The Challenge

BelleEtik works with designers and producers who are guided by the principals of Fairtrade, proper production and working conditions and respect for the environment. It was set up by Carol in 2008, who had grown tired of shopping without knowing about the supply process behind the label. She had worked for the Fairtrade Label and seen first-hand the obvious need for and hugely positive benefits that fair trade brings to individuals and their wider communities. 


The Idea

Carol aims to work towards putting the concept of ethical clothing, fair pay and conditions and environmental considerations on the agenda. She would like to get people to start questioning their purchasing decisions when buying clothing and raise awareness of the environmental and social problems of cheap clothing.

The definition of ethical fashion can be quite elastic, but BelleEtik works on a number of principles including Fair Trade, animal rights, environmentally friendly fabrics, recycling and the use of locally made items.


The Impact

BelleEtik’s suppliers link directly with producers around the world. They work on a Fair trade basis and are working to develop long-term partnerships, good working conditions, through advance payments and providing technical assistance and training.


I came up with the idea because I was feeling tired of not knowing where my clothes come from. I appreciate value for money and want to look great in clothes I buy but am tired of being plagued by questions of what is behind the label.

Carol Doyle

Carol Doyle, Impact Award, 2007

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