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Caroline McGuigan

Suicide or Survive (SOS) / Level 1

Awardee 2006

Suicide or Survive (SOS) / Level 1
Thomas McCann
Eamonn Stack

Caroline is the founder and coordinator of Suicide or Survive, a registered charity. Suicide or Survive aims to support people who have attempted suicide or may have suicidal tendencies.

The “Eden Programme”, Suicide or Survive’s six month programme, was developed to allow a person to explore their own experiences, develop their skills and source avenues of support and assistance. The first Eden Programme took place in Arklow  in 2006.

Caroline is also the Irish coordinator for a charity called “No Panic”, which has been in existence for fifteen years in England and is in Ireland the past two years. No Panic aims to aid the relief and rehabilitation of people who suffer with anxiety disorders through a helpline, telephone recovery groups, literature and written recovery programmes.

Caroline wishes to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness. What is innovative about her approach is that individuals are helped to realise the potential they have within themselves to find their own path to recovery.

Caroline won a Level 2 award in 2007. Her later profile with more information about Suicide or Survive can be found here

The change I want to see in Ireland is that young and old are not hiding the parts of themselves they believe to be shameful and weak…I want to work towards stopping one suicide, which effects up to 50 additional lives, and to promote difference.

Caroline McGuigan

Caroline McGuigan, Elevator Award, 2006

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