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Charlotte Dryden

Love Music Hate Racism Ireland / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Love Music Hate Racism Ireland / Level 1
David Doherty & Kevin Madigan
Glen Clay Eneh and John Kingsley Onwumereh

Love Music Hate Racism Ireland (LMHRI) is about uniting people from all walks of life through music.

Charlotte, who works part time for the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast, has been involved in the Northern Irish music scene for more than 7 years. In that time she has written for various music magazines and promoted hundreds of gigs. She has also been actively involved in anti racism work and found that by using music she was able to break down barriers and myths about the migrant community in a more relaxed environment.

LMHRI works with communities, schools, universities and other groups to organise gigs and events that spread a positive message about multiculturalism. Gigs can either be organised by local musicians as a show of support, or alongside musicians from around the world. LMHRI also incorporates the history of music and the different cultural genres to educate young people through DJ Club events and music workshops.

What I hope to achieve is to spread a positive message about all the different cultures that are now living in Ireland, I want to give young people the opportunity to feel they are part of something that says we oppose the myths about migrant workers.

Charlotte Dryden

Charlotte Dryden, Impact Award, 2008

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