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Clare Mulvany

One Wild Life / Level 1

Awardee 2007

One Wild Life / Level 1
Carol Doyle
Anne Doran

For eleven months in 2006/07 Clare Mulvany travelled the globe interviewing people who change our world about their life stories.

The Challenge

Through a book, interactive website and tour of universities around Ireland, Clare set out to share the stories of global social innovators as well as individuals in Ireland who are daring to make a difference.


The Idea

Clare’s project specifically focused on helping college students and recent graduates use their talents and passions to effect social change. By understanding how these social innovators have chosen to live their own One Wild Life, she hopes to help other people define theirs. One Wild Life takes its title from the poetry of Mary Oliver; ‘So tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life’.

Clare is also the photographer of the ‘Why Do You Do What You Do?’ series on this website.


The Impact

Following the Awards Programme, Clare published a book about her travels entitled One Wild Life, and started a monthly women’s entrepreneurship circle in Ireland. She also co-founded the trailblazery which hosts a series of talks and themed events in unusual spaces across Ireland bringing together artists, activists, entrepreneurs and people stepping up to make lasting change happen. She is also a certified yoga teacher, community builder and educator. 


I want to see an Ireland in which young people are given the chance to more fully participate in creating their own future. Also a society in which more people, exercising their personal leadership, look for ways in which they can effect positive change in society and actualize their ideas.

Clare Mulvany

Clare Mulvany, Impact Award, 2007

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