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David Dunne

MediaForum / Level 1

Awardee 2007

MediaForum / Level 1
Anne Doran
Evelyn Grant

Dave believes that advancing media literacy is vital to supporting positive change in social justice, citizenship, democracy, health promotion, culture and personal actualization.

Dave’s project was a social profit organisation that provided, supported and facilitated media literacy education in Ireland.

MediaForum worked with media consumers and particularly with young people. It was involved with schools, youth groups, public debates, TV and online media. Media Forum provided images and questions empowering critical and creative engagement with media. The organisation contributed to the national shared space of media literacy education in Ireland. In 2007 MediaForum was involved in the National Conference in Media Literacy Education.

MediaForum closed in 2010, but not before it had helped to advance media literacy and social change in Ireland. In 2008 it published the Media Literacy Directory, funded by the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. It was involved in the development of a multi‐organisation grouping, ‘Action Network for a Media Literate Ireland’ (chaired by Fergus Finlay), to work collectively to advance media literacy in Ireland.

David is now a group facilitator at the laughter lobby, a group which facilitates games and creative pastimes

Media Literacy is the skill to access, analyse, appreciate, evaluate, enjoy, create and produce media – or in other words: understanding the difference between selling and telling, news and views; making your own media, re-presenting your voice to the world; and having fun while you’re doing it.

Dave Dunne

David Dunne, Impact Award, 2007

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