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Emma Murphy

The Turning Institute

Awardee 2012

The Turning Institute
James Whelton
Rachel Cassen and Claire Murphy

The Turning Institute provides therapist designed and clinically proven online programmes for adults with eating disorders. The online programmes provide a first step towards recovery that can be worked through in complete confidentiality.

The Challenge

Currently there are over 200,000 Irish adults officially diagnosed as struggling with an eating disorder. Adults with Eating Disorders often experience significant co-morbidity with depression, anxiety, alcohol and/or drug abuse. Sufferers of Eating Disorders often struggle to seek assistance due to the stigma and a lack of understanding of these mental health issues. In addition, people affected by Eating Disorders are not supported by an adequate supply of affordable and accessible supports. Early intervention is hugely important in the effective treatment of Eating Disorders and other mental health issues.

The Idea

Emma Murphy is a psychotherapist specialising in Eating Disorders. Adapting the content from her Therapy Group for Eating Disorders which she ran for three years, Emma developed an online platform that is both relevant and effective at bringing about change. The online programmes provide a first step towards recovery that can be worked through in complete confidentiality. The Turning Institute offers an online, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based programme, over 6 weeks, that adult women and men can engage in. Using an innovative “Simulated Group Therapy” model, the programmes significantly improve engagement compared to other online CBT interventions.

Having developed the Eating Disorders programme The Turning Institute has expanded their product suite to provide support to adults for other issues such as Anxiety and Depression. Apps to deliver short, sharp, smartphone supports for on the spot intervention and added day-today support are also on the way.

The Impact

By providing an easily accessible and confidential online service, individuals can seek out therapy in a safe manner before they reach a crisis point. There are over 40 million reported cases of Eating Disorders worldwide and 15-20% of the general population are struggling with either anxiety or depression at any one time. The Turning Institute’s online support programmes have the potential to impact many people both inside and outside of Ireland.

I have now finished the course and my life has changed for the better in many ways.

Eating disorder sufferer

Emma Murphy, Elevator Award, 2012

I have never stopped hating my body I have never stopped hating my body

Food is my best friend and my worst enemyFood is my best friend and my worst enemy

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