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Erik van Lennep

TEPUI / Level 1

Awardee 2008

TEPUI / Level 1
Anne Twohig-Wall
Andy Wilson

Erik van Lennep is a serial social entrepreneur who has worked in the areas of environment, education, human rights and community development for more than thirty years in the USA and Ireland.

He is a co-founder of the Cultivate Sustainable Living Centre in Temple Bar, which is now Ireland’s primary training and resource centre for sustainability.

In September 2007 Erik left Cultivate to set up TEPUI, a design and consultation collaborative focused on providing community level solutions to climate change, water, waste and biodiversity issues. TEPUI’s specialty is the use of “Living Technologies”, systems which work with natural processes and organisms to provide a range of services from cleaning water and air, to storing carbon, transforming waste, and conserving energy.

Erik hopes that society will start to think more in terms of how they can cooperate with Nature to accomplish what they would previously have sought through ‘hard’ engineering.

I hope to offer a full range of services which will create a viable consultancy focused on helping a broad sector to take up the sustainability challenge.

Erik van Lennep

Erik van Lennep, Impact Award, 2008

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