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Frances Black

The RISE Foundation / Level 2

Awardee 2009

The RISE Foundation / Level 2
Micheal Kelly
John Lawlor

Singer Frances Black set up The RISE Foundation in 2006 to assist families of addicts to understand the nature of the disease of addiction and the profound effects it has on relationships.

The idea came to her after she spoke out about her own recovery from addiction, which generated a huge reaction around the country. She was inundated with people looking for help for family members and Frances realised that families in this situation were finding it difficult to find out where to go to access help.

This subject being so close to her heart, Frances went back to college to study to be an addiction counselor and now works with people who are trying to step into recovery from this disease, as well as their families.

Through her work, Frances discovered that there was very little awareness about the effects of addiction on families and decided to set up the RISE Foundation which now has a working group in Dublin and Belfast.

It aims to break the cycle of addiction, to free families from the heartache of a loved one in addiction and to rediscover relationships in families ‘lost’ to addiction.

The RISE Foundation runs eight week family programmes (lectures and therapeutic group work) which they plan to roll out across the country, as well as five day residential programmes for families. They are also developing a dedicated Addiction Education and Awareness Centre on Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland.

I want to change the way people view addiction and to reduce the shame and stigma associated with addiction.

Frances Black

Frances Black, Elevator Award, 2009

Frances Black RISE provides support for families who are affected by addiction

RISELaunching RISE Week

RISEThe view from Rathlin Island

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