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Frank Buckley

Sports Against Racism Ireland / Level 2

Awardee 2005

Sports Against Racism Ireland / Level 2
Paul O’Hara
Philip Mullally

SARI aims to integrate local communities with ethnic minority communities through sporting activities such as its flagship Soccerfest and Sportsfest events and the Brian Kerr Intercontinental League.

The Challenge

Frank’s motivation for the establishment of this organisation came from his own experiences growing up on the streets of Dublin. With little experience of formal education or institutions, he knew all too well about what life on the margins was like. He has since dedicated his life’s work to the elimination of racism and the integration of all the cultures in Ireland.

The Idea

John wanted to set up an organisation to combat the growing racism he observed in Ireland. Out of this came SARI, an organisation which runs a number of projects addressing issues of xenophobia, racism and cultural diversity. It aims to increase social capital through the medium of sport. SARI runs community events throughout the year and is actively working with other national and international sporting bodies to encourage the adoption of anti-racism policies.

The Impact

Every September SARI’s Soccerfest attracts over 487 teams from a variety of countries and cultures who come together for two days in the Phoenix Park to compete in a spirit of fun and inclusion. It is Ireland’s largest intercultural football tournament for men, women and children, attracting over 4000 people annually.

SARI celebrates World Refugee Day with the annual Fair Play Football Cup, along with Africa Week Athletics and a host of other annual events. Aside from these events, a number of hugely successful projects and programmes are run throughout the year, including ‘Living Together Through Football’, which is designed as an operational unit of SARI’s integrative anti-racism project. Frank left SARI in 2010.


Frank Buckley, Elevator Award, 2005

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