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Gearóid de Brún

Aran Islands Zero Carbon Transport Initiative /Level 1

Awardee 2008

Aran Islands Zero Carbon Transport Initiative /Level 1
David Doherty & Kevin Madigan

Energy has always been an important commodity on the Aran Islands. Formerly turf was transported to the islands on the Galway Hooker sailing boats, now diesel oil and kerosene arrive on today’s cargo boats.

Gearóid de Brún has been living on Inis Mór, on the Aran Islands, for the last 21 years. His local energy committee has been investigating the use of wind turbines for the island’s domestic energy requirements. With transport accounting for up to half of fuel imports to the island, Gearóid believes the same energy can be used for transport and is currently developing a Zero Carbon Transport Initiative for the island. With recent developments in alternatively powered vehicles, Gearóid feels this is a realistic goal. With the support of his local energy committee, he is determined that within the next ten years, Aran will become 95% carbon neutral in all its energy requirements.

Here in Ireland we are energy rich, surrounded by energy whether wave or wind power. The challenge for us is to find innovative ways in which we can harness, store and use this energy in the most carbon friendly manner possible.

Gearóid de Brún

Gearóid de Brún, Impact Award, 2008

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