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Genevieve Morrison

FabRec / Level 1

Awardee 2006

FabRec / Level 1
Kerry E’Lyn Larkin

FabRec aims to recycle or re-custom the textiles from old clothes donated by the public into new fashionable clothes and accessories for children and adults.

All proceeds of the clothes and accessories sale will go to finance environmental projects, such as re-afforestation and sustainable farming in under developed countries and Ireland.

Genevieve is currently completing an MSc in Environmental Decision-Making. She is also actively involved in the coordination of the “Green School” project (similar to the “Blue flag” on Irish beaches) for her son’s school. The “Green School” project encourages schools throughout Europe to reduce waste and raises environmental awareness amongst pupils. She is passionate about community work and the environment.

Genevieve Morrison, Elevator Award, 2006

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Lower Ground Floor, 11/12 Warrington Place, Dublin 2
Phone: +353 1 685 3191, Email: info@socialentrepreneurs.ie

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