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Gerry Callaghan

New Horizon / Level 1

Awardee 2006

New Horizon / Level 1
Bernadette Larkin
Thomas McCann

Gerry is a founder member of, and long term volunteer with, New Horizon, an Athlone based refugee and asylum seeker support group. Established in 2000, the group works to provide information, advice and support to people in the asylum process.

New Horizon also helps people whose refugee status has been recognised, with housing, employment, health, family reunification and access to education and training opportunities.

Gerry has, at various times, been a migrant worker in The Yemen, Indonesia, Sweden, Germany and Finland. Previous jobs include electrician, electronic instructor, software designer, project manager and technical editor. In addition to refugee and migration issues he is also interested in the application of open source software to community development issues.

He is a member of the board of Harmony Community Development Project, which provides support and resources to various community and traveller organisations in the Athlone area.

Gerry Callaghan, Impact Award, 2006

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