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Golden Anikwe

Co-operative Support Services / Level 1

Awardee 2007

Co-operative Support Services  / Level 1
Monika Sapielak
Cherif Labreche

Golden trained as a Co-operative practitioner and promoter in his native Nigeria and served in various government departments as well as co-operative organisations as a co-operative development officer.

The Challenge

Having a background as both a cooperative promoter and practitioner, Golden realised that giving community members the opportunity to contribute directly towards the economic development of their community was vital for the enhancement of their capacity to participate in society.

The Idea

Since 2006, Golden Anikwe, a native of Nigeria, has been working to establish a customised support structure for co-operative businesses in Ireland.
Golden has extensive experience in the co-operative movement and has set up Co-operative Support Services (CSS) as a social enterprise development agency to serve the diverse ethnic communities in Ireland. Its work is focused on the development of and support for democratically managed models of enterprise to meet the needs of these local communities.
A key aim of the co-operative is to encourage ethnic minority groups to increase their level of participation in Irish society and improve their position in relation to income and general quality of life and participation issues.

The Impact

Golden is currently focusing on the support and development of co-operatives in a number of areas, and has successfully established 8 co-operative societies to date, including a hair and beauty salon in Tallaght, affordable childcare in Tallaght and Dundalk, and a credit union with 150 Congolese members in Inchicore, Co.Dublin.

More than 760 million people around the world are engaged in the co-operative movement. Co-operative actions of self-help, self-reliance, self-development and capacity building activities can ultimately contribute towards the reduction of poverty and poverty traps through community participation initiatives in ethnic minority communities.


Golden Anikwe

Golden Anikwe, Impact Award, 2007

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