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Issah Huseini

WANET / Level 1

Awardee 2005

WANET / Level 1
Niamh Clune
Bob Seward

Issah is the founder of WANET. WANET’s mission was to build capacity within the African community through their own collective efforts and be a national African voice for the African community.

Originally from Ghana, Issah previously worked as a teacher and within the natural gas and IT industries. Issah holds a BSc. in Physics from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Issah worked on a book in relation to Male Circumcision in Ireland and the issue of recognition and accreditation of foreign qualifications in Ireland.

The vision of WAHNET was to establish community co-operatives to tackle the growing problem of childcare within communities. WANET also planned to launch an intercultural newspaper.

Issah became the  CEO of New Communities Partnership, an organisation which represents ethnic minorities and their communities in Ireland. It is an independent national network of 175 immigrant led groups comprising of 75 nationalities with offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Issah Huseini, Impact Award, 2005

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