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Jennifer Ryan

My Life Solutions

Awardee 2014

My Life Solutions
Raymond Burke
Jean O’Brien

My Life Solutions delivers holistic and therapeutic empowerment programmes to observe, diagnose, and treat those affected by bullying, providing children at risk with a toolbox of practical skills and responses to disarm traditional bullying situations.

The Challenge

Bullying continues to be a significant problem amongst Irish children today, with 40% of school children experiencing bullying at some point in their lives. Despite the prevalence of this problem there have been no noticeable improvements in the levels of bullying over the last 10 years. Aside from the direct and obvious impact that bullying has, there are many other longer-term effects of bullying such as low self-esteem, aggression, anxiety and depression. Traditionally, bullying takes place when a lack of empathy is met with a lack of assertiveness, with most children who are bullied being either too passive or too aggressive. In many cases a child simply does not have the necessary communication skills to overcome the bullying they experience. Untreated, the situation can get progressively worse, leaving the child isolated from their peers.

The Idea

As an experienced psychologist and post-primary guidance counsellor, Jennifer witnessed first-hand the real effect that bullying can have on a child. Spurred on by this, Jennifer established My Life Solutions in 2013 to provide holistic and therapeutic empowerment programmes led by psychologists who are equipped to observe, diagnose, and treat those affected by bullying. To achieve this Jennifer secured the exclusive franchise license for the successful UK ZAP programmes delivered by Kidscape – a UK charity with an 86% success rate in reducing bullying amongst its participants. Working with children in a workshop setting, the programme provides children at risk with a toolbox of practical skills and responses to disarm traditional bullying situations.

The Impact

Having conducted several pilots in Ireland, Jennifer is now ready to launch My Life Solution’s course to a wider audience, and expects to cater for over 150 children who are dealing with the most severe cases of bullying. In addition, the My Life Solution’s schools programme intends to work with over 2,500 children in the coming 12 months, allowing the organisation to reach a broader population of children experiencing bullying to varying degrees. With 98,520 children in primary school currently impacted by bullying in Ireland, the potential for My Life Solution’s programme to make a positive difference to a significant portion of our children is immense.

Being an SEI Awardee has been the greatest learning curve ever provided with the greatest support received.

Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer Ryan, Elevator Award, 2014

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