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Jipe Kelly & Angeles Mbwoge

African Community Interaction Portal / Level 1

Awardee 2009

African Community Interaction Portal / Level 1
Declan Sweeney
Keith Kennedy

Angeles Mbwoge & Jipe Kelly, originally from Cameroon are co-founders of the African Community Online Interaction Portal. This web portal aims to provide opportunity for community interaction, knowledge sharing & support to members of the African community in Ireland.

It also aims to build synergies, understanding, common perspectives and approaches in meeting the community’s needs and dealing with the day-to-day challenges faced by Africans living in Ireland.

Angeles and Jipe believe there is no better way to address the needs of a vulnerable community than by getting people with similar needs to come together to identify common grounds, share information and knowledge, support one another and develop strategies to address their social, economic and cultural aspirations.

Angeles and Jipe have both been involved in community work since 2004. Angeles founded the African Family Solidarity project, and mobilised fellow African women to combine their individual efforts and ideas and provide support to one another just as they would do with their family members in Africa. Jipe has worked with Integrating Ireland, the Galway Refugee Support Group, and has been involved with similar projects that address the needs of the immigrant community in Ireland.

We hope to build stronger cohesion between members of the African community in Ireland.

Angeles Mbwoge

Jipe Kelly & Angeles Mbwoge, Impact Award, 2009

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