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Jonathan Gunning & Miquel Barcelo

The Gombeens / Level 1

Awardee 2009

The Gombeens / Level 1
Janie Walthew
Albert Perris

Jonathan Gunning and Miquel Barceló are The Gombeens, two social clowns who spread the word, through laughter, of a more just society that calls out for participation and involvement.

They give a voice to cross-sections of the community, acting as a catalyst that celebrates the individual while embracing the collective. They work alongside the community developing workshops and performances to inspire the audience into expressing themselves whether that’s through social action, community involvement or engagement with the arts. They use the powerful tool of laughter to unite people, awaken social pride and express what people are feeling.

‘Stories of a Yellow Town’ is a show that was created from interviews made with both Brazilian and Irish residents of Gort, Co. Galway. By staying true to the words of the community, The Gombeens have created a way of enabling the ordinary person to understand and empathise with the struggles of the otherwise largely voiceless migrant community. Each performance is followed by an open forum which, together with the show, creates a subtle but poignant teaching instrument. The Gombeens will not rest until the whole world is laughing … together!

We are Jesters to His Majesty the People.

Jonathan Gunning

Jonathan Gunning & Miquel Barcelo, Impact Award, 2009

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