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Kareen Pennefather

Monkeyshine Theatre / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Monkeyshine Theatre / Level 1
Micheal O’Loinsigh
Robert Smith

Kareen Pennefather is the artistic director of Monkeyshine Theatre, one of Ireland’s most exciting children’s theatre companies.

The company is dedicated to creating high quality theatre experiences which challenge, stimulate, and inspire young audiences.

Kareen is passionate about developing theatre that does not underestimate a child’s inherent ability to question and interpret life. The imagination, creativity and openness of children continually inspire Kareen, who believes that these gifts should be treasured and nurtured.

Kareen is currently working on the Connections Project, a new and innovative initiative that will invite young people to have an integral voice in the development of a new piece of theatre. Up to 100 young people between the ages of 12 and 15 will join with the company as they research and develop ideas and material. Through this process, Kareen hopes to create a show that has an honest and meaningful connection with young people.

What motivates me is the desire to introduce children to a world where creativity is valued as highly as academic skills.

Kareen Pennefather

Kareen Pennefather, Impact Award, 2008

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