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Kate Nolan & Rosie O’Reilly

Re-dress / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Re-dress / Level 1
Nobuhle Ncube
Shane & Daniela O’Halloran

Re-dress is an organisation set up to develop an awareness of the detrimental environmental and humanitarian impact of the fashion industry in Ireland and abroad.

The Challenge

For Rosie and Kate, the idea for Re-dress was a result of witnessing first-hand the negative implications of the clothing industry. Working within the industry illustrated to them that certain methods and practices were unsustainable on an economic, social and environmental level.


The Idea

Re-dress aims to redress the balance of one of the biggest global industries through education and consultation and focusing consumer awareness on the ‘power within their pockets’ in order to steer public spending towards more ethical options.


The Impact

Through Re-dress, Kate and Rosie aim to provide tools such as industry debates, seminars, exhibitions and an educational toolkit that will enable the sector to move towards a more sustainable future and have a positive effect on the lives of the millions of people involved in the clothing sector worldwide.

Re-dress hold an annual Better Fashion Week, which promotes sustainable fashion and is also the longest running fashion week in Ireland. They currently hold the secretariat of the Irish Clean Clothes Campaign, which is part of a coalition of 16 European CCC’s that fight for the rights of garment manufacturers worldwide. Its members include Mandate, ICTU and Trocaire. Re-dress also have a contemporary design label, 'we are islanders', which is ethically and environmentally friendly.


We have witnessed firsthand the humanitarian and environmental damage caused by the industry we are actively involved in and we cannot pretend otherwise. We believe it is not enough to passively observe... our rent on this planet is action.

Kate Nolan & Rosie O’Reilly

Kate Nolan & Rosie O’Reilly, Impact Award, 2008

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