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Krystian Fikert

MyMind / Level 2

Awardee 2009

MyMind / Level 2
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In 2006, Krystian Fikert, a Polish psychologist living and working in Ireland, set up the Psychological Centre in Dublin (The PPD), to initially address the psychological needs of Polish immigrants in the country.

In Poland, even small towns have easy access to psychological teams without the need for a professional referral or long waiting times.

Krystian saw the need for such a service in Ireland. He established the PPD to provide a community-based, client-led model of psychological services. The PPD aims to improve personal and community well-being, improve integration, and create open access to mental health services. In 2008, Krystian started to expand the service to address the needs of other immigrant communities as well as the native Irish population. The Centre offers individual, group and family psychological services for adults and children in English and other languages.

Krystian believes that personal development through individual or group therapy, and through workshops, is the key to promoting personal well-being as well as community and cultural integration. It is his goal to empower people to deal with their difficulties using their own strengths and resources as far as possible without medical intervention. Krystian has already opened satellite centres in other cities in Ireland and hopes to expand to further locations, as well as to increase awareness of mental health and positive psychology in local communities.

Everything began to fit into place the better I got. I now have a better quality of life which you have taught me.

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Krystian Fikert, Elevator Award, 2009

Krystian giving a counselling session Krystian giving a counselling session

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