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Krystian Fikert


Awardee 2013

John Evoy
Natasha and Toby Haslam-Hopwood

MyMind was established with the goal of building an accessible and affordable network of community based mental health services, ensuring that every person in need of help in Ireland could reach it.

The Challenge

It is estimated that 70,000 people experience mental health difficulties each year in Ireland. With higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression, the range of affordable and accessible options for those in need of support is becoming more and more limited. Depending on where you live, services can be poor or non-existent and with the public system struggling to cope with demand many people are waiting up to 18 months to see a consultant. Alternative private services can be expensive, often leaving those most in need feeling isolated and helpless. With estimates showing that mental ill health costs the State 3% of GDP each year due to loss of productivity, this isn’t just a personal challenge but a national one too.

The Idea

Krystian established MyMind with the goal of offering flexible, affordable and accessible mental health care for all. Using both web-based and in-person supports MyMind delivers early intervention and prevention, resulting in substantial improvements for the users of its service. A key component of the MyMind model is that clients are able to see a professional within a few days of the initial contact, and that drug based treatments should only be prescribed when absolutely necessary. In addition, MyMind implements an innovative pricing structure for its services, with those who can afford to pay higher rates subsidising clients who do not have the financial means to pay for the help they need.

The Impact

MyMind currently works with over 80 fully qualified and accredited professionals, operating two centres in Dublin and one recently opened centre in Cork. Since it began its work MyMind has supported over 5,000 clients, running in excess of 800 sessions per month and has already made massive strides in reducing the stigma attached to mental illness. By providing early intervention for people suffering from mental health difficulties, problems can be addressed before they escalate into more serious issues, which results in better outcomes for all concerned. Using this approach MyMind can ensure that those in need of support can get to it before it’s too late.

Thanks to SEI and Impact Award, MyMind is moving towards self-sustainability in the next two years.

Krystian Fikert

Krystian Fikert, Impact Award, 2013

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