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Krystian Fikert

MyMind / Elevator Programme

Awardee 2011

MyMind / Elevator Programme
Niamh Gallagher & Michelle O’Donnell Keating
Lisa Domican

MyMind tackles the complicated nature of the Irish mental health system through providing affordable and accessible psychological services within the community. Mymind also provides support through ePsychologist, an innovative online support model.

The Challenge

People in Ireland suffering from mental health problems have a limited range of options available to them. Depending on where you live, the service can be poor or non-existent. In the public system, referral through a GP can take up to 18 months to see a consultant. Alternative private services are expensive, in some cases costing over E100 an hour. Often the standard prescription to somebody presenting with mental health difficulties is the medical model, even when that is not necessarily the best option for the individual.

The Idea

Krystian Fikert set up MyMind in 2006 in response to Ireland’s complicated mental health system. MyMind provides affordable and accessible mental health services within the community, which aims to bypass the need for clinical referral, long waiting lists and high-cost services. MyMind is a not-for-profit social enterprise, with profits made from fee-paying clients used to subsidise clients who cannot afford full fees. It has two centres in Dublin providing face-to-face support, and also provides support through ePsychologist, an innovative online support model.

The Impact

Since 2006, MyMind has supported over 3,000 people directly in face-to-face sessions, over 90% of whom have experienced positive change in dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and relationship problems. In addition, MyMind has supported over 4,000 clients online. By providing early intervention for people suffering from mental health issues, problems can be addressed before they escalate into more serious issues, which results in a better outcome for the individual.

Everything began to fit into place the better I got. I now have a better quality of life which you have taught me.

Client at MyMind

Krystian Fikert, Elevator Award, 2011

Krystian giving a counselling session Krystian giving a counselling session

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