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Laura Kavanagh

The Lady List / Level 1

Awardee 2008

The Lady List / Level 1
Joe Hendry
Mary Keogh

Laura Kavanagh is the creator of The Lady List which dedicated to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on events, gatherings and support groups happening around Ireland for gay, bi and transgender women.

Along with listings, The Lady List also provides news and information that is relevant to gay women.

The Lady List’s main aim is to bring a sense of connection, recognition, inclusion and the best possible source of information for gay, bi and transgender women in Ireland. Attitudes towards gay people and the gay scene itself are improving but it is still very much in its infancy and for many, it is still socially isolating.

Laura’s passion to make a difference comes mainly from her experience as a gay women living in Ireland. With The Lady List she hopes to create a stronger sense of inclusion for gay women.

Being a gay woman can be very socially isolating. The Lady List website is there to say to gay women in Ireland, ‘you are recognised and there is somewhere to go’.

Laura Kavanagh, Impact Award, 2008

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