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Liam Réamonn

The Living Communities Movement / Level 1

Awardee 2005

The Living Communities Movement / Level 1
Yemisi Ojo
Niall Larkin

Liam is the founder of The Living Communities Movement which strives to enhance the confidence and well-being of Irish-speaking people and communities who suffer from deprivation and lack of self-esteem.

Local youth, currently demoralised, will find both employment in this and thus will get a new sense of their own value. Liam also works directly with rural and urban Irish-speaking youth, who share not only the experience of poverty but also what remains of one of Europe’s original anchor cultures. He runs work-camps to bring these youths together. Deprived in different ways, they form friendships (usually after three days of mistrust). A factor which helps this is their common use of the native tongue.

Liam is also working to promote sustainable, eco-tourism based on traditional farming to rural, Irish-speaking areas, providing people within these communities with a viable business.

Liam Réamonn, Impact Award, 2005

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