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Louise Oppermann

Community Timebank / Level 2

Awardee 2007

Community Timebank / Level 2
Stephanie Fitzgerald
Ken Boland & David Egan

Louise Oppermann was the Facilitator of Community Timebank which focused on making communities better places to live, working with people, projects, groups and businesses by connecting them to each other.

Community Timebank brought people together who were interested in getting involved in community activities such as improving amenities, setting up a Youth Café, cleaning up the area, starting interest groups, establishing support groups to address mutual interests or concerns or organising community events. It made use of the community’s unique assets, resources and goodwill to make the community as a whole more connected.

It also supported voluntary groups by publicising matches and fundraising events and organising training such as first aid or child protection. Community Timebank developed relationships between businesses in the community and the people living there through business networking, matching local people with jobs and work experience and organises business events. It also improved communications within the community through its newsletter, email and texting services.

Given the success of Community Timebank in Glounthaune, Louise hoped to support the establishment of the model in other parts of the country between 2008 and 2009.

Community Timebank ceased operations in 2011, however Louise founded Glanmire Business Network in 2010, facilitating businesses in the area to improve their activity and expand their networks. This organisation also aims to improve Community spirit and participation. She also works in marketing and customer service with the SuperValu group.

We want communities to recognise and value their own resources, assets, skills and goodwill to resolve issues within the community. We believe that connected communities are safer, healthier and friendlier places.

Louise Oppermann

Louise Oppermann, Impact Award, 2007

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