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Mary Keogh

ConnectAble / Level 1

Awardee 2008

ConnectAble / Level 1
Laura Kavanagh
Robert Lee & Lucia Parle

Mary has worked in the area of disability rights for many years. More recently working at an international level, she has had the opportunity to work with disabled people from different corners of the globe.

As international coordinator for the Centre for International Rehabilitation, Mary was responsible for conducting national and regional-level research on disability and human rights.

ConnectAble’s primary focus was to enable people with disabilities in Ireland to provide their expertise and knowledge to people with disabilities in the developing world through an online volunteering facility.

ConnectAble focused on making connections between people with disabilities. As a communication and learning partnership it aimed to encourage people with disabilities in Ireland to recognise their expertise and realise the benefits they can give to others by sharing that expertise and consider the wider volunteering options that are available.

Mary believes that engaging people with disabilities to be contributors to making a difference challenges the existing mindset on disability and gives them a sense of ownership. Mary is now the Advocacy Coordinator for CBM Ireland, an international NGO based in Ireland which is working overseas with people with disabilities. She is responsible for coordinating internal and external advocacy campaigns on inclusive development for persons with disabilities.

What some people may think is just their experience, takes on a different dynamic when shared with others.

Mary Keogh

Mary Keogh, Impact Award, 2008

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