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Micheal O’Loinsigh

Eco Homes and Gardens / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Eco Homes and Gardens / Level 1
Shane & Daniela O’Halloran
Kareen Pennefather

Eco Homes and Gardens aims to educate people on sustainable lifestyles.

Michael believes that as consumers we hold the power to change the world by shopping consciously and only purchasing products whose stories/life cycles improve our local and global environment.

Eco Homes and Gardens is a socially responsible carbon neutral business that embraces modern communications and encourages online bulk shopping for Eco products on its ‘One Stop Eco Shop’. Everything from grid-tied micro renewable energy systems to Irish organic vegetable seeds, organic plant feeds, eco soaps, books on sustainable living, Ecotourism info and Eco educational workshops will be sourced at its website. The website will also offer free advice and tips on healthier lifestyles for people and planet, including designs for developing organic and therapeutic kitchen gardens.
Micheal O’Loinsigh has worked with sustainable development projects in South America, Asia and Ireland. He sees the future as a fusion of modern technologies and ancient wisdom.

It is my hope that people will self-educate and become aware of the power to change the world that their home and garden environments offer.

Micheal O’Loinsigh

Micheal O’Loinsigh, Impact Award, 2008

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