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Nathalie McDermot

Social Animals / Level 1

Awardee 2009

Social Animals / Level 1
Keith Kennedy
Salla Sovio-Heron

Nathalie McDermott set up Social Animals, an online social network to enable charities to learn about social media tools to connect, network and get their messages across in these exciting and free spaces.

Nathalie is a journalist who, after working for the BBC and setting up the Prison Radio Outreach Project in a London men’s prison for Media for Development, chose to start On Road Media in 2005 – a social enterprise promoting citizen journalism.

On Road Media delivers social media training to marginalised groups and organisations throughout the world, enabling people to have their say online about the issues at the heart of their communities. These people are usually not represented in mainstream media.

These experiences showed Nathalie the power of citizen journalism and social media; she believes that we can have closer access to the truth if the person telling the story has first-hand experience of the issue.

A multiple award winner in the field of social entrepreneurship, she trains people to produce powerful podcasts and video blogs and to set up their own social networks to connect, share information and contribute to wider public debates.

Through the Social Animals Ireland website, Nathalie aimed to link up voluntary sector organisations with social media experts to support each other with advice and guidance on harnessing the power of social media. This was a social network where Irish charities and voluntary sector organisations were able to discuss and discover new ways of approaching and utilising social media.

Social Animals Ireland is an exciting network of peer learners throughout the voluntary sector, sharing their knowledge of social media.

Nathalie McDermot

Nathalie McDermot, Impact Award, 2009

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