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Noelle Daly and Stephen Cluskey

Mobility Mojo

Awardee 2016

Mobility Mojo
Shane McKenna and Killian Redmond
Cliona Curley and Alex Cooney

Through an online website and associated apps containing user-generated reviews of transport routes, public buildings, and accommodation, Mobility Mojo’s mission is to create a barrier-free travel environment for people with limited mobility.

The Challenge

Imagine every trip into town was full of unknown obstacles. Will the ramp on the bus work? Is there a lift in the shopping centre? Will I be able to reach the table in the restaurant in my wheelchair? For people who need answers to these questions, they are met with information that is fragmented, inaccurate or non-existent. This is a huge issue that impacts not only the 600,000 people in Ireland with a disability, but their friends and families too. This means that many people with mobility issues would rather skip a journey or a trip than to risk it going wrong.

The Idea

As wheelchair users, Noelle and Stephen were frustrated with this lack of information. Determined to go about their daily lives with confidence, they founded Mobility Mojo - an app and website which provides detailed information about accessibility. Mobility Mojo is like ‘TripAdvisor’ for people with mobility issues. People are encouraged to write reviews on the level of accessibility in public facilities, hotels, restaurants, transport, and tourist attractions.

The Impact

Since they began in mid-2015 Mobility Mojo have mapped the accessibility of over 200 places of interest in Dublin, with Galway and Dublin City Councils now on board as partners. They are working to raise awareness of this issue and put it at the forefront of people’s minds, especially those in business. Their vision is to empower people to travel and explore with confidence and to make Ireland the top destination worldwide for people with mobility issues. With support from SEI, Mobility Mojo will continue to grow, ensuring that all people regardless of their level of mobility have equal access to everyday life choices.

Noelle Daly and Stephen Cluskey, Award Winner 2017 Award, 2016

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