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Olivia Carr

WOVe / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Niall Buckley

The role of WOVe (Women Overcoming Violent relationships) is to empower women coming from violent environments to develop the capacity to make liberating choices in their lives.

Its vision is to support all women who are experiencing violence in intimate relationships. WOVe provides a unique service where women who are, or have been, in violent relationships can attend weekly group therapy/support sessions. It receives referrals from agencies including social workers, doctors, hospitals and Women’s Aid.

As Chairperson of WOVe and someone who has been involved with the organisation for over 14 years, Olivia Carr has worked in many roles to ensure the continuity of the weekly WOVe group.

These include fundraising, operating the helpline and moving the organisation towards company status. She also works as a voluntary psychotherapist with one of the groups

As one of our members said … he made me think I was tiny, now I am huge, because I have regained all the confidence that he took from me, inside I am 10ft … I am a sunflower … I am getting taller.

Olivia Carr

Olivia Carr, Impact Award, 2008

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