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Peter Johnson


Awardee 2013

Natasha and Toby Haslam-Hopwood
Graham Jones

Jobnet is an innovative programme developed to address the needs of a new kind of jobseeker in the Irish jobs market – the highly skilled, experienced and qualified professional or graduate facing the prospect of long term unemployment.

The Challenge

The employment crisis continues to loom large in Ireland, with hundreds of thousands struggling to make ends meet without the security that a job can bring. What is particularly unique to this crisis is the large number of highly skilled, experienced and qualified professionals and graduates facing the prospect of long term unemployment. To date Government job initiatives have failed to cope with the scale of this crisis and current supports are simply not equipped to deal with this section of the newly unemployed. All of this has meant that those without the required job seeking know-how are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Idea

Recognising that a job isn’t just about the pay-cheque, Peter set about creating a programme aimed at helping this new kind of jobseeker in the Irish market. Having joined the Jobcare organisation in 2008, Peter set about designing and developing a new programme for the organisation, responding to the emerging trend of highly-skilled professionals and graduates finding themselves without a job. The Jobnet programme, launched in early 2011, runs Friday morning for seven weeks. The programme focuses on personal branding, networking, goal setting and job seeking in a digital age. In addition to the large group setting, participants work in focus groups of six, each facilitated by a senior business manager, HR professional or career coach - combining the expertise of Jobcare and the resources of business to help this group of people get back on their feet and into employment.

The Impact

Jobnet offers a professional environment tailored to the specific needs of the individuals it engages. The programme empowers jobseekers to market their skills and to learn how to network effectively, helping themselves to find employment. Delivering key messages in confidence building, reinvention, up-skilling, network building, targeted job searching and taking advantage of local opportunities, Jobnet has already seen over 450 people pass through their programme. With 61% of its participants finding work or back in education and training, Jobnet has already helped hundreds of people out of unemployment.

Being an awardee has helped me grow as a person, as a leader, and has helped give shape and direction to my project.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson, Elevator Award, 2013

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