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Richard Boyle

stopsmoking.ie / Level 1

Awardee 2006

stopsmoking.ie / Level 1
Cecilia McKeon & Barbara Tomasella
Madeline McAleer

Richard attempted to develop a new approach to stopping smoking utilising the power of the web and text messaging to help people to kick the habit.

Richard Boyle has a background in Computer Science from TCD and is also a trained psychotherapist (IICH) specialising in solution-oriented techniques for behavioural change including hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Richard has worked in private practice and as a part-time counsellor at the Dublin AIDS Alliance for the past ten years.

Richard combined his background in computer science with counselling to develop a new approach to stopping smoking which aimed to utilise the power of the web and text messaging to help people to kick the habit. A variety of free tips, tools, games and forums were available at www.StopSmoking.ie as well as free e-mail based programmes to guide the quitter through the process. Quitters could also use the automatic text message service to receive tips and encouragement on demand.

The website went through a number of invocations, some of which gained traction, however ultimately it didn’t get large exposure – either as a tool for smokers or commercially – as hoped. Since 2006 stop smoking campaigns have gained much wider exposure and funding right up to national levels and so a number of well-funded campaigns and sites took the centre stage, which Richard is delighted to see. He hopes his efforts helped some people along the way, however, and still has hopes of identifying new model, based in social media, to help smokers to quit.

Richard’s current focus is in the online delivery of mental health applications and online counselling. He works with ideasgarden, a Dublin based web-solutions company. They provide internet design, coding and consultancy solutions, and specialise in developing innovative bespoke web applications and online mental health solutions.

Richard Boyle, Elevator Award, 2006

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