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Robert Lee & Lucia Parle

i 2 i / Level 1

Awardee 2008

i 2 i / Level 1
Mary Keogh
Niall MacManus

Through i 2 i, Robert Lee and Lucia Parle set out to provide access to professional arts and craft training for children and adults with disabilities, mental health and sensory challenges as well as marginalised and older people in the community.

With their combined backgrounds in art and art teaching, Robert and Lucia intend to bridge community gaps through open communication and creative processes. They wish to raise awareness of the arts as a valuable tool for developing personal skills and community relationships, unlocking individual potential, inspiring and instilling confidence.

The workshops organised through i2i Arts offered people the opportunity to work alongside professional artists and craftspeople, learn new skills and even ‘inspire the desire’ to further their education and employment opportunities. Artists involved in the programme, in return for their mentorship, gained access to subsidized workspace and a public gallery where works could be sold.

In 2010 i2i Arts was set up in the heart of Cork City as a social entrepreneurial business. It established itself in South Presentation, a former convent which was reinvented as a space for the community. i2i Arts worked alongside Foroige and Cork Immigrants with idea and skill sharing taking place. A central aim of the project was to provide a welcoming space to offer people the opportunity to enhance their skills through creative learning and in turn for people to contribute back to the community.

Lucia Parle is currently working as an independent arts and crafts professional and as an assistant coordinator with the East Cork Music Project.

Given the chance to grow, creativity enhances life and in turn enhances the community. We are committed to being part of this.

Robert Lee & Lucia Parle

Robert Lee & Lucia Parle, Impact Award, 2008

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